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Drive Shaft Diagnosis And Troubleshooting

Pulished on Feb. 04, 2021

1. When the speed of the car changes suddenly and there is a metal knock on the transmission shaft, it can indicate that the individual flanges or universal joint cross shaft bearings are too worn and loose, causing abnormal noise of the transmission shaft.

2. When the car starts off, there is a just right sound or noise on the Drive Shaft. When the car is reversing backwards on a gentle slope, it makes an intermittent noise of grating, which can indicate that the needle roller is broken or broken, and the needle roller bearing should be replaced.

3. When the car starts or changes gears, the transmission shaft has obvious metal impact sound, and the low-speed gear is more obvious than the high-speed gear. Most of the interference fit between the inner ring of the intermediate support and the shaft is reduced and the looseness causes abnormal noise.

Transmission Shaft

Transmission Shaft

4. When the car is starting or driving, the drive shaft always has obvious click abnormal noise, accompanied by vibration, which means that the fixing bolts of the intermediate support bracket are loose and cause abnormal noise.

5. When the car is running at low speed, there will be a crisp and rhythmic metal crash on the drive shaft, and there will be a clear sound when the car is sliding off the gear. The pressing force of the bearing shell of multi-series universal joint is too large, which prevents the bearing from rotating flexibly.

6. When the car is running, the sound of the Transmission Shaft increases with the increase of the vehicle speed. The intermediate support bearing emits a dull and continuous murky sound, which indicates that the intermediate support bearing falls apart due to excessive wear.

7. When the car is running, the sound of the transmission shaft is disorderly and irregular, and sometimes there is a metal crash, which means that the universal joint forks at both ends of the transmission shaft are not in the same plane, which damages the constant velocity arrangement.

8. There is abnormal noise in the transmission shaft when the car is running at high speed. The abnormal noise in the transmission shaft still exists when the vehicle is sliding off the gear. The raceway of the multi-system intermediate support bearing is damaged, or the installation position of the intermediate support bearing bracket is offset.

9. In order to further verify the correctness of the above diagnosis, check and shake each part of the drive shaft when parking to see whether the installation position is correct, whether there is any scar on the surface of the machine, whether the fastening connection is loose, whether the matching gap is too loose or too tight.

10. When the car is running, if there is a heavy metal knock on the drive shaft when the brake is decelerated, it means that the rear leaf spring riding nut is loose.

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