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Spare Parts

Valve, Valve Seat, Wing Nut, Plug, Seal Segment, Plug Valve, Check Valve, Plug Valve Repair Kits, plug and insert.


The spare parts includes valves, valve seats for fluid ends, wingnuts, plug valve repair kits for plug valves.

NameValve, Valve Seat, Wing Nut, Plug Valve Repair Kits.
Material4130, 4140, 4330, 4340, 8620 or as per required.
Applicationfracturing pump, plug valve, flow control, oil & gas.
ProcessHot forging + Rough machining + Heat  treat + Semi-finishing + Finishing + UT & MT
Sizeaccording to requirements
Min Order1 pc
Packagefree-fumigation wooden pallet or crate